Modern Boxing Sports Performance, LLC.

Modern Boxing Sports Performance, LLC.Family Owned/Operated

What is Modern Boxing?
Who is the Modern Boxer?

Here our focus is to move better, perform better, and be better. Using modern and up to date training modalities, our mission is to intertwine boxing with sports performance.

We are not exclusive to just fighters.

The Modern Boxer is not what it was decades ago. You could be the up-and-coming fighter with some fights under your belt, looking to enhance your training. You could be someone aspiring to become a recognized fighter. Lastly, you can be someone with a regular 9-5 looking for an alternative way to exercise.

Either way, you fall into the category of becoming better. Do better, look better, feel better.

We are Family owned, family operated, eager to serve the city of Riverside and beyond.

-MBSP team

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